About me

Hello there! I am Elisabeth! Thank you for looking into my site.
I am a 47 years (still feels like 29) old lady, and the nice man behind me is Akiro. He is my good friend throug 11 years and hopefully a couple of more. I also have a boyfriend, a son that is soon 21 years and a cat. I live on the countryside and as you can see of my photos there are a lot of nature right behind my backdoor.

In the daily life I am working as an seniorinspector in Labour Inspectorate and my job is to fight crime. An very important job these days, and it is very interesting. A lot av travel, meeting new people all the time and from all over the world. And hopefully we can help people from beeing exploited and give them a better life.

My photointerest startet when I was about 15 years old and I took a photocourse in highschool. I learn to take photos and also have to take them from a cameraroll and the whole way to the picure. That was a nice experience.

But life went on and other things came in my way. I have the last years tried to find time again, and now I am going to spend a lot of time in the woods and moutains. when the coronavirus is long gone I will travel abroad again. But this year I will travel in Norway. The most beautiful country on earth 🙂

I like to take pictures in the nature of animals, birds and the nature itselfs. I also enjoy to take photos of architechture, people and places.
I will try to keep this site updatet as best as I can 🙂
And feel free to contact me 🙂