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Swanes – Cygnus olor

Swans (Cygnus) are a group of the duck family and together with geese make up the group of swans and geese. Swans are the largest birds of the duck family. They are also among the largest birds that are flightable, weighing up to 15 kg. The sexes have similar plumage, but the male is generally…

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Happy New Year

We have entered a new year, and leaving the old behind us. A new year brings hope for better times, a world that will be kinder to each other, and where we can all live together in peace and harmonie. The old year has marked us considerably with a lot of fear and worry for…

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Winterwonderland in Norway Norway in December is just absolutely fantastic. When the snow has settled on the fields and hangs heavily in the forest, there is a mysterious atmosphere. I have so much respect for nature and everything that moves. I am the luckiest in the world when I can walk around…

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