Swanes – Cygnus olor

Swanes – Cygnus olor

30. mai 2021 0 By elisabeth.hansen

Swans (Cygnus) are a group of the duck family and together with geese make up the group of swans and geese.

Swans are the largest birds of the duck family. They are also among the largest birds that are flightable, weighing up to 15 kg. The sexes have similar plumage, but the male is generally larger and heavier than the female. All species of the northern hemisphere have white plumage, while in the southern hemisphere they have a mixture of black and white.

Most of the swans live on the northern hemisphere in temperate areas, rarely in tropical regions. Four (or five) species live in the southern hemisphere, two in Australia and New Zealand, and two in South America.

These birds live on the coast, lakes and rivers, but also on land. They are almost completely herbivorous, but can eat small amounts of aquatic animals. Swans form monogamous pairs that last for many years, in many cases for a lifetime. The nest is on the ground and about a meter in diameter. Unlike many of the other duck birds, the male participates in both the construction of the nest and the incubation.

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