Trip to North West Norway

Trip to North West Norway

9. februar 2021 10 By elisabeth.hansen

Trip to North West Norway

This holyday for to years ago we went to north west Norway. A place by the Norwegian ocean and a very pretty part of Norway. In this area we have all kinds of weather, the nature is very wild, and the fjords are long.

It is a popular place for turists, and espesially for those who like to climb the moutains or walk in the moutains. But it is really a place for everyone.

There are a few cities by the cost that is worth visiting. Specially Ålesund is a very special place. This city have the famous builings in «jungend» style. I like those very much. 

Then we drive from Kristiansund, to Averøya and drive the Atlatic Road to Molde. The atlentic road is a famous part of the road. It has been the second nicest ride in Norway. The bridge is just fantastic, and it worth the experience.

Camping in Averøya outside Kristiansund

Next pretty place to visit

the atlantic road to MOlde