Sømådalen in Engerdal

Sømådalen in Engerdal

20. september 2020 1 By elisabeth.hansen

Every autumn I travel with my dog to Engerdal. It has become a small tradition that I will keep as long as I have Akiro. It is so relaxing to get away from work, hustle and bustle, and just enjoy nature with your very best friend and his best friend Miko.

This time the trip went back to Sømådalen, more spesicik Isteren. There is a small lake called Ormgutusjøen and where it is very nice to camp. It is a fantastic place to relax. It is a very special atmosphere when the sun disappears and the horizon is filled with the whole color spectrum.

At night you can hear the sounds of reindeers in the mountains, and animals on the move at night. It is almost a little bit to exciting sometimes, og I wonder how close the they are.

It was several degrees below zero during the night. It was unusual to feel the cold creeping into the tent. In the morning I woke up to ice crystals in the neck when I opened the canvas, and where the sun was rising over the treetops. A fantastic sight and where I just get so much respect for the great nature we have been given.


Flatbread with ham and sour cream. A typical norwegian food from the old days.


Fire by the lake


Is there anything nicer?


I just love these sunsets


A little bit cold this night 🙂

I took my first cup of coffee at the water’s edge as the mist pulled away from the water, and the sun took over. A shiny clear water, and a perfect place to eat the first meal of the day.

We went to a fishing area later that morning, and tried to catch a fish. I have realized that I don’t have fishing luck, but must try anyway. And they did not bet on this time either 🙂

Later that day we went to a little trip to the mountain. Galtåsknappen is a nice too visit. It is a place where most people can go, and it is only some kilometer to walk. But the view is gourgeous! Just visit the website below to see more from this place.

Galtåsknappen. Lite slit, mye utsikt


One of my interests is taking pictures and where wild animals and birds are highlights. This one cirkled around in the sky looking for the necxt meal. Lovely bird. It is called Hønsehauk.


Great colours!