Trip to Hennes in Vesterålen, Northern Norway june 2020

Trip to Hennes in Vesterålen, Northern Norway june 2020

2. august 2020 17 By elisabeth.hansen

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The hole trip was wort it when we meets someone like this. It does something to me at least.




The seagull is also nice in a way


This is my homeplace… the most beauteful place on earth! Islands everywere we look, moutains, ocean and a nature that takes our breath away. This place is called Hennes, and you can find it on the island Hinnøya. The biggest island in Norway…Svalbard is bigger, but that is another story 🙂


The pir…


The sunset


Møysalen, the tallest mountain in Vesterålen. 1262 m. You can go with a guide up to the top.


More Møysalen


The entrance to Trollfjord!




The sea eagle is one of the most impressive I know of. I get full of respect when I see these beautiful eagles swinging down the mountainside. Someone once told me that these eagles are not really that tough, but I choose to believe that they are as raw as they look.


What a view 🙂


Sandøya – this is a nice place to bath!