Sollia in february

3. februar 2020 Off By elisabeth.hansen
From the viewpoint of Sohlbergsplassen you can look over to the mountains in Rondane. There is a view that is absolutely stunning and most resembles a painting. Here one can stand for a long time and just let the impressions sink in. Here, many tourists stop and get an unforgettable impression.
Great nature
A little break is needed and Akiro thinks it will be a bit long. He loves to pull in the harness and probably thinks the owner is a bit slow. But an old husky also needs breaks 🙂
It sizzled a little more on top. Even though the sun was in the sky all day it was blowing from every direction. But this is the charm of the mountain, changes in the weather all the time and where one must feel when the boundary is reached for further travel. We did not let ourselves be scared by some strong wind and snow in the cast, nor let the body know that it was alive.
The snow was hiding the mountains
The blue hour is wonderful.
It was time for an evening walk to look for life in the forest. There was not much evidence of wildlife, but some traces of reef and hare were observed. Still, the trip was fine with the moon clear in the sky, and the headlamp illuminating the forest. Trollish mood.