Autumn in Engerdal

4. september 2019 Off By elisabeth.hansen

One of my favorite places in Southern Norway; Engerdal. It is breathtaking nature and provides a peace of mind.
We took a little trip to Engerdal in the Autumn 2019. One of the nicest days this fall. I took two of the dogs with me, and I am very happy for that. They are old guys, but just love beeing in the nature as you can see in the picture.
We hired a cabin in Sølenstua since the rain gods was very mad the day before. We went to Galtåsknappen next day and it was just perfect. The sun was shining and the temperature was absolutely great. I was also joined by some swedish tourists who were visiting.
Even the dogs are fascinated by what they see and where you can see that they thrive in the wild.
Moss and lichen,,Nice colours.
The view over Isteren and Galtsjøen.
An old tree root can also be decorative,
Nice Colours