Løkken, Denmark

Løkken, Denmark

14. juli 2017 2 By elisabeth.hansen

Løkken in Denmark

We went to Løkken in Denmark in 2017 with some friends. Løkken is a little place by the sea, and it is a very cosy place to visit. Nice people, good food and changing weather.

As you can see the costline is very nice and long. Mostly sandbanks. There are small houses and they are all white. This small houses is only for bathing.

There are some giants bunkers on the beach from the second world war. They are still easy to see and they are several. Something to think about…

There are houses on the hills and if you look closely you will se that they are not far from the beach. The ocean gets nearer and nearer every year, and one day they will have a problem with the sea.

Rudbjerk Knude had to bee moved 80 m from the sea in 2019. If they had’t moved it, the sea wood destroy it in few years time.

As you can see the weather is very changing. It nearby the costline and you have to expect all kinds of weather.

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